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Podcast Episode 5: 2009 Retrospective Time Capsule

Podcast Episode 5: 2009 Retrospective Time Capsule

Game Design Reviews Podcast is back after a long break. We start with a look back at the last year. We have recorded this podcast in January but only now came around to publish it.

Great Scott!

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This time we discuss the games we have played in 2009 [...]

Podcast Episode 4: News

Podcast Episode 4: News

And here is yet another AMAZING podcast episode. We thought it was shorter, but it isn’t really. However, we do cover more topics in the same ammount of time.

Among this show’s topics: Yu-Chung talks about his new game – Harvest Mania (and also demonstates his ignorance of such super-important things like RickRolling).

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Podcast Episode 3: HD Gaming

We still haven’t established a real posting pattern. So surprisingly, here is yet another exciting Game Design Reviews Podcast Show episode.
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Join us on this episode as we geek out about the advantages and troubles of HD Gaming. We discuss our gaming setups and the experience we [...]

Podcast Episode 2: Flower, Square/Enix Concert

We are currently trying to establish a regular podcasting pattern. Or goal so far was 2 weeks but since it’s the first podcast we do, there might be delays. Like this time. But anyway, here is another exciting episode.
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In this episode, we come [...]

Podcast Episode 1: GDC Europe & GamesCom

Finally! We are happy to announce a new feature: the Game Design Reviews Podcast Show! We try to podcast every two weeks. Here is episode one:
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This episode we sat down together, did a small introduction of who we are and went on [...]


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