Daniel Renkel

Daniel 'sirleto' Renkel is a true indie game developer (at heart ;) and a part time simulation engineer (space- & aircrafts). He's studied computer science at the university of Darmstadt, Germany and has a background of 8 years as game developer (assistant projectmanager, game designer, associate producer and technical artist). He worked on a whole number of PC and console games including the Aquanox series. Visit ludocrazy.com for more information about this current android mobile phone games.

Website: http://www.ludocrazy.com/

Desktop Tower Defense: Perfect Job

There is a game that is damn popular, but not really treated as a piece of good game design, but merely a lucky case of good propaganda is HandDrawnGames Desktop Tower Defense. I like to review it because i believe that from a game designers pov (point of view) it is a clever masterpiece.
It probably [...]


If somebody asks me what was the nicest thing i saw from E3 2007, i can clearly answer: a 3d game for PSP and PS3 (probably downloadable), called “Echochrome”.

Characters are important – but necessarily expensive?

Whenever i thought about or wrote down some of my gamedesign ideas in the last few years, i allways tried to focus on my personal technical abilities or on technologie than can be build with small teams and small budget.
as an example: 3d graphics is okay, but no ik animated objects. this and other limitations allways [...]

Final Fantasy XII: Realtime Fight + Automated Party

Final Fantasy XII finally became available to us Europeans, too. And because I like the series I want to write about 4 things I find most interesting. Interesting for me, is the fact that the real-time battles of FF12 are more fun to me than the old turn-based, which is strange, because I like turn-based [...]

Battlefield 2142: Micro-Teamplay

Do you like playing first person shooters? Do you like playing teamplay modes? Capture the Flag, Team Fortress, Counterstrike? I do, and I will try to tell you why Battlefield 2142 lowers the teamplay entry level to everybody, even the teamplay haters.

Pax Galaxia: Accessibility of Turn-Based Games

Last time i talked about the controls of loco roco which make the game very accessible for everyone. This time i want to talk about another principle on how to make a game accesibble, which seems to have been lost for ages.
Turn-based gameplay.

Before I begin, I want to give the disclaimer that I will explain the [...]

Loco Roco: I Love Non-Standard Controls

You’ve probably heard allready about the one game that want’s you to own a PSP (and the first time your girlfriend will fight about playtime
Loco Roco – sounds crazy – and yes, it definetly is.
If you had to create a game which plays like an jump’n’run with collecting stuff and such but wanted to give it a [...]

Mutant Storm: The Positive Side of Negative Feedback

There is this one arcade shooting game i can’t stop to play: Mutant Storm from british developer duo PomPom. (You could know it from PC or XBOX arcade).
Simple and classic gameplay, very well balanced and nicely presented: in a small arena, a lot of enemies keep respawning and you blow them off until you’ve blown up [...]


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