Yu-Chung Chen

Yu-Chung Chen is a designer working primarily on video games. He studied at Köln International School of Design and has contributed to a number of published games. Currently he works as a freelance UI designer at Keen Games.

Website: http://www.ycchen.de

Street Fighter IV pad, disassembled

My SF 4 pad’s d-pad didn’t feel right: after a short while of going right, the character would continue going right for a fraction of a second. And to input left, I often have to consciously press left all the way, there was a confusing/irritating wiggle room.
So, I did what any curious gamer would do: disassemble [...]

Game music wanted + Cologne Commons

Please note: The game in question, Harvest Mania, is now online! Also I’m not looking for a musician for any specific project right now. Feel free to drop me a line, though, if you’re open for possible future projects. Cheers!
Original Post:
Since March I’ve been working on an advergame for a major manufacturer for agriculture machines. Not directly [...]

Xbox360 demo impressions

Continuation of my Xbox360 impressions. Here I comment on demos of full-price titles, in no particular order.
I’m pretty unprepared for “today’s core games” because I tended to ignore anything “next gen” (how do you properly and concisely address Xbox360 and PS3 ONLY, without the Wii I mean?) when I lacked the hardware to play.

Xbox360 GET

So I finally got an Xbox360, Krystian tease me enough after all. Thanks dude My first thoughts:
PurchaseI got the console from a German electronic chain although Amazon had it cheaper, because I wanted to make sure the console would be a Jasper. To do so I needed to see the voltage rating the production date. [...]

My desk

Nothing spectacular. I wanted to answer a friend’s blogpost but realized the need for an image, so here goes my minor Ikea hack.

SF IV costumes and spoiler-phobia

I’m a subscriber to this blog called Costume GET!, which “discusses the finer points of videogame character costumes.”
The latest hint on Street Fighter IV’s alternate costumes is enticing, but at the same time, I’m afraid to look at them as it would take away much fun of getting a fresh look – or is it just me?
Can anybody tell [...]

Autodesk sucks

After Krystian’s post on how badly Microsoft treats their potential customers, here’s a rant on how much Autodesk’s licencing policy sucks.
Not stricktly a gaming issue, I decided that it still fits into this blog because most assets you’ll see in today’s commercial games are created with their tools. Not to advertise for them, just stating [...]

PSP lost its edges, to regain them soon

Just a quick shot, it’s always nice to observe things corresponding to what we learn at KISD. This time, it’s regarding product design. Not strickly game design but it’s about the PSP.
During the project “Sparschwein” (Piggybank), Herr Horntrich gave us a hint saying that chamfering all edges is no way to make an attractive form.
Well, what do [...]


Seen the new videos from the upcoming Star Wars: Force Unleashed already?
Compared to the Euphoria animated Stormtroopers, the Apprentice just seem so… videogame-y. I suppose he has to use “choppy” animations which cancel each other so player inputs feel snappy.
But than again, there’s Altaïr, so it can be better.
So far the Force abilities look cool, but I’m [...]

SC4: Virtual Cosplay

Obviously, Soul Calibur IV is turning out to be the ultimate (so far) cosplay playground. Head over to NeoGAF’s Official Custom Character/Costume thread and see for yourself…
Even though I have all the character creation tools and skills at my disposal, the possibility to click together “your” character in a fighting game looks like big fun, even [...]


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