WiiWare… details please

Gamasutra: Nintendo Confirms Plans For WiiWare Downloadable Content.

I’ve been waiting for this platform for a long time. It’s great to hear that they’re officially going to open up the platform for small developers, but too bad they haven’t announced any details on how to do so.

But what the hell, I wouldn’t be able to do that anytime soon. We’ll see.

Yu-Chung Chen

Yu-Chung Chen is a designer working primarily on video games. He studied at Köln International School of Design and has contributed to a number of published games. Currently he works as a freelance UI designer at Keen Games.

2 responses to “WiiWare… details please”

  1. Krystian Majewski

    I find it quite interesting. Maybe even something for my Master Thesis .. hmmmm…

  2. Daniel 'sirleto' Renkel

    i’d like to post two quotes from the casual games mailing list.

    somebody who has a friend, that has a friend, that works on wii, tells:
    > a wii dev kit costs $1,995.

    somebody looked at the official website and posted:

    Some public Wii devkit pricing info can be found on the WarioWorld site;


    #4. Software Development Kits: Approximate development costs range from $2,500 to $10,000, depending on the size of your team. Financial stability is expected by approved developers in order to purchase the necessary development equipment for your project

    Pure speculation, but I imagine that some of the related terms might be changed if applying strictly to WiiWare (for example: #1 Developer Qualifications).


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