Space geekout time! I was recently at the Cologne Center Station and saw this:

National Georaphic Collector's Edition "Space" - Cover

It is some kind of special edition of National Geographic about space. Naturally, I bought it and boy was I in for a treat! It is awesome! Of course, it contains great photos but you expect that from National Geographic. What you don’t necessarily expect are three most astonishing information graphics.
The first one is a summary of ALL MANNED SPACEFLIGHTS so far. All on one (double-)page. The amount of information is just staggering, yet the graphic is elegant and instantly understandable. Very Tufteesque:

National Georaphic Collector's Edition "Space" - Infographic 1

The second graphic is a list of all planets and planet-like objects in the solar system. It is pretty standard but well-executed. The planets are shown to scale which is somewhat rare. Also, you get a few more exotic objects like Ceres or Eris. The only thing I miss are important Moons like Titan, Europa, Enceladus and The Moon (duh) but at least it is consistent without them. All in all very solid!

The third graphic is the centerfold. It shows all expeditions to other Planets (and to the Moon). Although less elegant then the first one, this information graphic certainly looks stunning and is something you might even hang on a wall.

National Georaphic Collector's Edition "Space" - Infographic 2

National Georaphic Collector's Edition "Space" - Infographic 2 close-up

You can see the centerfold online too! Here is the general website of this particular issue of the magazine.

EDIT: I forgot about the FOURTH information graphic which is yet another amazing highlight. You get all 260 discovered extrasolar systems compared to the solar system and with their habitable zone traced in. How cool is that!

National Georaphic Collector's Edition "Space" - Infographic 3

The magazine is well worth the money and very exciting because of the astronomy, photography, visual design and information design. It puts the most important facts about our efforts in exploring space into a beautiful nutshell. So if you see it at the magazine stand, give it a try.

In other news, the last ingredient for my Phil Plait Voodoo doll finally arrived *Evil Laughter*.

My copy of Death From The Skies

Krystian Majewski

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