Silent Totems – ALPHA released

Back in march I was hoping to have the ALPHA demo done in mid of april, but as usually everything slips if you can’t work more on your games than 24hours a week. So now its mid of may and it’s done. The schedule I made 7 weeks ago has been reached, all major features of the game are implemented. Yippee!

For the impatient among you, the game can be downloaded from the android market here:
(Or simply search for “Ludocrazy” in the market app on your android phone)

Have fun travelling to the background layers!

Have fun travelling to the background layers!

Also: If you like it, spread the word!

Silent Totems is a sandbox adventure with strange characters in a stranger world.
Please try it out and send us your feedback via email.

Controls: Touch on screen to walk there, touch objects to interact.
Gameplay: Find out what to do :-)

The game is intended to be released for $2.80 (Euro 2.00) next month.
The ALPHA-TEST will be updated with features every weekend.

The current version of the game does not yet contain full gameplay of the final game,
also it might contain gameplay bugs and will for sure contain some technical bugs.

The game is intended for HD phones and tablets. It is designed for a resoluton of 800×480, but should run okay on smaller and also larger resolutions. Because our style is to not use textures (besides text-rendering), the game could perform well on phones with slow 3D GPU. But as i wrote in the Developer Diary – Part 5, the game is more or less CPU limited, and phones with slower GPU typically also have slower CPUs.

Just for reference: I’m developing it on a Motorola Droid with 550MHz CPU and for 3D processing a 200MHz PowerVR SGX 530 (similar one to the iPhone 3 GPU, which has also been used on Intel chipsets as internal PC graphics device. Is based on a pre 2005 chip which had been developed for SEGA arcades ;) ).

This version of the game has not yet been performance optimized (at least not successfully, it’s still on my todo list) and has not yet been tested much for compatibility on different phones. (Google says my game is technically compatible with more than 370 different android phones and my framework is also used by Princess Nuriko which runs properly and sells on quite a lot of phones, so I don’t expect much issues with the underlying basic technology.)

Communicate with us!

Please refrain from voting negatively on the game via android market. Rather send us an email with what you dislike, or post in the comments of this post, or post on the threads in tig-source forums or indie gamer forums.

Also please send emails to report technical issues. Don’t leave anything out :)
(See contact options via android market app on the phone, or contact me via email.)

Another point: the game allows you to talk to the photographer, who will then upload a screenshot of your achievements to our server. Please try it out, and comment if the process is understandable and if you like it.
Additionally on the ALPHA version i mapped the phones camera button with taking screenshots (if you have such a hardware button. If not please tell me what hardware buttons your phone features, so I can add another solution!). The screenshots are then uploaded to our Visual Achievement, too.

Please take screenshots with the camera button of your phone. Take screenshots if you find graphical errors and also take screenshots if you have questions (you can refer to them in your emails/comments/posts).

And one last thing: Please give subjective feedback! Yann and me would like to listen to what players think, to extend the game with your ideas. Doesn’t matter whether they’re vague or detailed, just write them up :)

Daniel Renkel

Daniel 'sirleto' Renkel is a true indie game developer (at heart ;) and a part time simulation engineer (space- & aircrafts). He's studied computer science at the university of Darmstadt, Germany and has a background of 8 years as game developer (assistant projectmanager, game designer, associate producer and technical artist). He worked on a whole number of PC and console games including the Aquanox series. Visit for more information about this current android mobile phone games.

2 responses to “Silent Totems – ALPHA released”

  1. sirleto

    uploaded two new versions (one already yesterday evening, one this evening) that address some bugs.
    got aprox. 70 demo downloads, and 1 feedback sofar.
    70 downloads is great. only 1 feedback is totally sad.

  2. sirleto

    new version uploaded: 0.83
    added task card / ending when eclipse happens.
    added color changes for current endings.
    screenshots now also takeable via hardware-menu-button
    task cards now feature difficulty icon
    reduced number of machine gears to 6
    bugfix: task cards spider, flyer, letter now gainable
    bugfix: machine gear texts now stay visible
    bugfix: characters now tell whole story
    bugfix: objects now behind landscape as intended

    STILL looking for feedback. did not yet get any.
    game is not interesting to you? *sadface*


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