Preparing for IGF

I’m leaving for San Francisco tomorrow. Even though the game is still not quite done, I’m happy with the progress I made. Yesterday we did the mastering of pretty much every audio in the game. So at least the audio part is done and if we get lucky it might be in a final state at GDC/IGF. I also finished the intro and the endings which means I only need to get the 4 level epilogues done to have all the content finished as well. Almost… there…

Compared to what I’ve seen the other IGF Finalists do, the TRAUMA presentation will be pretty spartan. I did print a lot of sweet Moo cards. Visitors will be free to pick them up at my table. But I didn’t prepare anything other than this.

Moo Cards

I’m quite excited. I will be at San Francisco until the 19th so if you are interested in taking a look at TRAUMA or having a talk with me, go ahead and contact me.

Press Roundup:

Here is a good translation of a recent Interview with me in Polish. It’s form a Polish adventure game blog. The guys who run this site were pretty cool and polite. I enjoyed talking to them.

The Game Informer also wrote this piece on TRAUMA, if you haven’t seen it already. Their coverage of the IGF is pretty comprehensive and I like the visual design of that website.

In other news:

I picked up and finished Heavy Rain. It is not a flawless experience but I enjoyed it a lot and I think it is a title worth looking into. A quite thought-provoking experiment in games and narrative.

Also, I got myself a DSi XL. I already made a pass at the regular DSi and since I have a long flight ahead of me I thought it would be wise to upgrade my hardware. I like it a lot and I’m looking forward to play some of my backlog away.

That’s it for now. Whish me luck and maybe see you in San Francisco!

Krystian Majewski

Krystian Majewski was born in Warsaw and studied design at Köln International School of Design. Before, he was working on a mid-size console project for NEON Studios in Frankfurt. He helped establish a Master course in Game Design and Research at the Cologne Game Lab. Today he teaches Game Design at various institutions and develops independent games.

7 responses to “Preparing for IGF”

  1. M.

    You wouldn’t believe how eager I am to actually play TRAUMA, instead of watching the gameplay video once or twice every week. Apart from a XBox title scheduled for Q2, this is pretty much the only game I’m waiting for this year, which is only partly due to being totally swamped with my final thesis.

    What I mean, basically, is: hurry! ;)

  2. Jon

    hey, i wish you best of luck at the IGF! i hope you win a lot of the nominations. just fyi, i added you on my xbox live account: scaczer0cool

  3. Christopher Robin

    The Moo Cards look great! Say my friend, would you consider perhaps doing a book of Trauma with excerpts from the script and photographs? A CD of the game could be included with the book. What do you think?

  4. Jessica

    Schade, dass du leer ausgegangen bist. Das ändert natürlich nichts daran, dass Trauma verdammt interessant aussieht und einen Platz ganz oben auf meiner kleinen, aber feinen Liste der antizipierten Spiele dieses Jahres einnimmt :-)

    1. Christopher Robin

      I agree with you Jessica! I thought Trauma was way ahead of the competition and it’s a shame it didn’t win in it’s categories. Still, it’s wonderful that it was nominated at all. Without the nominations I doubt I would have even heard of it!

      Trauma captures something so honest and unique. I can’t wait to play it!


      Ich stimme Ihnen zu Jessica! Ich dachte, Trauma war weit vor der Konkurrenz, und es ist eine Schande, es nicht in seiner Kategorie zu gewinnen. Dennoch ist es wunderbar, dass es überhaupt nominiert wurde. Ohne die Nominierungen Ich bezweifle ich würde sogar davon!

      Trauma beschreibt etwas gehört haben, so ehrlich und einzigartig. Ich kann es kaum erwarten, es zu spielen!

  5. Shadowcat

    It’s exciting to hear that Trauma is nearing completion!

    I think I also heard about the game only as a result of its IGF nomination, so although it’s a shame that it didn’t win, I think that being a finalist will still result in a great deal of word-of-mouth publicity, at the very least.

    Good luck with the final stages. It must be satisfying to see it all come together!

  6. Yann

    I have just discovered this Video Game development while reading some news regarding IGF.
    I must say that I am terribly excited to live this promissing experiment. Furthermore I have not been so excited by an upcoming video game in years !

    Well, except Fallout 3 but this is the idea ;)


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