Excit for Android – Released to Market!

Bugfixing is done, some more polish was given and here it is:

Excit for Android – full 91 Levels of addictive puzzle flow.

If you haven’t yet played the demo, go try it out: Excit for Android – Demo.

(click the above links to directly download the game from the Android Market site )

I’m playing 14 levels, mixed from easy to amazingly hard ;-)

Thanks go out to Yann van der Cruyssen, Daniel Altena and Martin Donath for providing the ticking soundtrack. Also thanks again to Krystian and Julia Zaadstra for the amazing work both did on our old Flash Version.

If you’re interested in the mini-post mortem i wrote, read this post.

If you experience any difficulties – either bugs or just performance, feel free to contact me either directly via email (ludocrazy@gameprogramming.de) or write here in the comments!

Also feel free to distribute the good news about the game release – best would be to distribute this link then: www.ludocrazy.com

Daniel Renkel

Daniel 'sirleto' Renkel is a true indie game developer (at heart ;) and a part time simulation engineer (space- & aircrafts). He's studied computer science at the university of Darmstadt, Germany and has a background of 8 years as game developer (assistant projectmanager, game designer, associate producer and technical artist). He worked on a whole number of PC and console games including the Aquanox series. Visit ludocrazy.com for more information about this current android mobile phone games.

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