Monster Hunter Tri Diary 5 – How I killed the Barroth

Time for Monster Hunter Tri again. I finally killed the Barroth. It was a triumph. I’m making a note here: “huge success”. It was also a good example of the Monster Hunter Tri experience.


It should be obvious by now that the Barroth is one bad-ass monster. It’s basically a mixture of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Rhinoceros. It is constantly angry and tries to trample you over. But that’s not everything. It also bathes in mud and carries an ample supply of it on it’s back. Every now and then it shakes itself and big slabs of the mud fall. When you get hit by the mud, you get encased in it, which prevents you from attacking or blocking, slows your movement and drains your stamina. And on top of it, the Barroth simply looks scary.

I did many attempts to hunt it down. I failed many times. I got the best results with the lance because it enabled me to simply block all his ramming attacks. However, I couldn’t block the mud attack and it was always my doom in the end.

But the cool thing about Monster Hunter is that you can do something different if you get stuck. So I started collecting armor. From the beginning I sat my eyes on the Rhenoplos Armor, mainly because it looks ridiculous. It took me some time to get the elusive ingredients to craft the final pieces of it. A lot of Great Jaggi died for that one King’s Frill. I actually finished a bunch of other armors before I was able to complete this one. Imagine my surprise when I went trough the list of abilities that armor set unlocked. One of them turned out to be immunity to mud.

Rhenoplos Armor

I haven’t even noticed it. The solution to the Barroth problem was sitting right there in front of me. So I donned the new armor, took my trusty lance, set out for the desert to face the Barroth… and failed.

The armor was not the problem this time. I was able to hold out much longer than previously. However, I wasn’t dealing as much damage as I needed. Blocking with the lance leaves you only with very weak attacks. To deal out the heavy combos you need to go from the blocking stance to a non-blocking stance. That switch takes too long, the Barroth is quicker. The fight got very long. Eventually my mistakes accumulated and I lost before I could do any significant damage.

Monster Hunter is not a game where you win simply with cool new gear alone. You need to hone your skills and your strategy. You need to adjust them so they bring out the best in the equipment you use. I went back to the drawing board and realized that I still had a talisman that enabled the skill “Auto-guard”. People familiar with fighting games like Soul Calibur know the idea – your character will automatically block as long as you are not moving or attacking.

I had an idea. My new strategy was to… do nothing. I would let the terrifying Barroth trample all over me without even flinching. I would rely on the Auto-guard skill to block all the damage. Then, still in standing stance, I would turn around and execute the damaging combo.

A couple of heart-stopping minutes later, shortly before my healing potions ran out, the beast was slain. I made a new lance from its remains.

Krystian Majewski

Krystian Majewski was born in Warsaw and studied design at Köln International School of Design. Before, he was working on a mid-size console project for NEON Studios in Frankfurt. He helped establish a Master course in Game Design and Research at the Cologne Game Lab. Today he teaches Game Design at various institutions and develops independent games.

37 responses to “Monster Hunter Tri Diary 5 – How I killed the Barroth”

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  2. anonymous

    About that part where you said that “you need to hone your skills”
    I’m having big trouble with barroth and you have given me a huge thought, maybe it’s because i haven’t practised often!
    I would like to thank you for posting this and I hope more people see this if they have the same problem as me

    1. Krystian Majewski

      Keep at it. The Barroth is certainly tough but once you beat him, it gets easier.

      1. jamie bruster

        okay first of all huge fan of your slot on the monster hunter podcast second i killed baroth my first time like with most monster exept deviljho, alatraon and agnator.
        i am a master great sword user (or used to be i lost my honster hunter tri) it was easy for me to kill it with ludroth weapons and jaggi arour twice upgraded.

    2. Matt

      i find that the best way to defeat barroth is to utilize the rolling skill. in my personal opinion it is not all about honing your skills instead it is a comination of having proper skills and studying and knowing your opponent. watch for signs of what his next attack will be, for instance the royal ludroth will shake his head before rolling to either side. this will help you avoid being so horribly damaged. all monsters have warning signals before they attack (except for that poison spitter….(gigginox))

      1. Krystian Majewski

        Depends on which weapon you use. The Lance doesn’t have a rolling move.

        As you noticed, the skill in Monster Hunter is both: being able to execute the right moves quickly enough and being able to anticipate what the monster is going to do next. Both need practice.

  3. Charles Estergard

    Yah Im having a lot of trouble defeating it, but Im useing a great sword, should I try something else out or should I continue my epic fails and hopefully get lucky? I want to try a new weapon but I don’t feel like sitting there for like eight days and getting all the stuff for it, BTW were do you get the autogaurd talisman, is that like a Accesorie?

    1. Krystian Majewski

      Yeah, I got the talisman from one of the NPC’s I think. But from what I understand, it’s random for every game.

      I’m not using the great sword at all so I can’t give any advice. But here is one Tutorial on the Barroth with the Switchaxe, which controls similar.

      Also, here is a Great Sword tutorial for a different Monster.

      Otherwise, yes – just keep at it. The game is all about being able to anticipate what the monsters do. Get a feel for when it’s safe to attack and attack carefully. Try to avoid getting hit at all cost. Also don’t hesitate to use bombs and traps.

      Good luck! The game gets easier afterwards.

      1. Dillon Jesseph

        Dude you are amazing!!!! I was wondering if you would ever be willing to help me online on MH3 my name is Perru I’m mostly looking to get better weapons and armor right now my armor set is Rathian helm+, Dober mail, Ingot Vambraces+, Rathian faulds+, and Hunters Greaves+. Could you be willing to help me?

        1. Dillon Jesseph

          Sorry if I wasn’t clear on my last comment I was talking to that Shepard guy who did the SA and GS tutorials on Barroth and Rathian

  4. Gonfa

    Just managed to beat the Barroth yesterday. I love my switch-axe, so used it with Barroth as well. A switch-axe is slow, yes, but not too slow. You have to hide the slowness by dodging richt after you strike; that reduces the ‘recoil’ you get from striking. And Barroth has a few really stupid attacks, like the one where he throws one mudpiece right in front of him (easy to attack him from the side when he does that) or like the roaring (it’s not like anyone’s coming to help him).
    My armor is a mix of ludroth stuff, jaggi stuff and qurupecostuff; this only boosts my attack. However, i bought a meal before i left on quest, which enlargened my health.

    Barroth is hard, it took me about 6 times to kill it. But the feeling when you succeed is incredible.

    1. Krystian Majewski

      Yay congratulations! Yeah the switchaxe is quite similar to the Great Sword. The only difference is that you can’t block but even using the Great Sword you will be dodging more than blocking.

      Why did you mix armors? From the 3 monsters you’ve mentioned the Qurupeco Armor seems to be the best one. Didn’t you got the full set yet?

      Good tip with the meal by the way: at this point I buy a meal before EVERY fight. It’s cheap and will give you a nice boost most of the time. If it doesn’t you can still chose not to do the quest.

  5. Christina Newton

    I love that you wrote this, it shows me that I am thinking the right way, I am currently searching for the Kings Frill…And I had came to the same idea of using the lance, opposed to my switch ax for which I am very fond of…. and I didn’t know how the auto guard worked, you cleared that up.
    Can I ask you if you know why in the speed combo list, it shows the combination for the dazzling crown I think thats right, I would check but my husband is watching ace ventura at the moment, ::sob:: but im sure you know what Im talking about, my guess is that you can trade it to that little old travler guy for something cool? Ive looked it up and everyone says to sell it, and I have sold many, but its nagging at me that there is something else to be done with it…
    thank you for your diary :)

  6. Krystian Majewski

    I’m glad the post helped you. Yeah the King’s Frill is an annoying drop. Especially if you REALLY need it. Just keep at and use the opportunity to hone you skills. It will drop eventually, when you least expect it.

    You get the Dazzling Crown if you combine an Incomplete Crown with a Crown’s Gemstone. All the three items are trade commodities. Have no hesitation to sell them. You can’t make any equipment with them.

    Good Luck!

  7. zak

    great jaggi armor, put decorations in it to make attack up (m)

    great sword… any of em, bring max whetstones.
    blue mushroom+herb= potion, make 20
    potion + honey = mega potion, make 10

    bring 10 mega potions, 10 potions, 10 herbs, cool drinks, 20 whetstones, and anything else but you should easily kill it.

    just hit and roll.

    cake walk…

  8. chrissy newton

    i killed barroth shortly after reaing this post…thank you guys sooooo much.
    i killed lagiacruz on my first try..and learned alot about weapons and armor.
    however i am avoiding gigginox, any tips?
    oh! and Ive got killing rathian down to a science…observation, and patience paid off big time! sooooo fun!
    no one here in my house likes monster hunter, so its good to talk to people that appriciate and love love love it like i do!

    1. Anihalator

      Gigginox is weak to fire. Although I killed it using the cataclysm blade.lagiacrus Is damn easy. Use a switch axe or a long sword . I used the assault axe plus. 20 minutes.

    2. Anihalator

      Gigginox is weak to fire. Although I killed it using the cataclysm blade.lagiacrus Is damn easy. Use a switch axe or a long sword . I used the assault axe plus. 20 the way gigginox is equal to ALOT OF ANTIDOTES AND DODGING!!!!!

  9. chrissy newton

    oh yeah and i kill barroth with a small sword with water element, the auto guard charm, rhen armor, and packed lots of life.
    later i made the change to splash hammer…but cant use auto guard, just gotta know when to get out of the way…and hammer him while hes shaking the mud off.
    hes just a big dirty baby.

  10. francesco

    i am trying to beat barroth but i am having quite a big load of difficulty with it i am going to upgrade my ludroth bone sword to ludroth bone sword+ as i know its his weakness but i always end up failing any1 know a way to help me kill him.
    plz post back

    1. Anihalator

      Get a flint stone and craft the peco flint hammer.He’s weaker to fire than to water.

  11. chrissy newton

    I forgot the name of the water element sword I used…and I know I used the splash hammer also. but equip the auto guard charm if you use a sword with water element, you can block, and then hit him when hes shaking mud. bring lots of herbs/blue mushrooms, mega potions, reg potions, whetstones, paintballs, etc. and be patient, don’t rush in and try to hit him when you know you are going to get hit….and rhenephalos armor has the mud/snow thing that makes it so you don’t get turned into a mud ball…but you will get knocked over…when in doubt, take a break and come back to him…I can fail and fail, then go bak to it a few hours later and kick butt…
    another thing I do…when I first encounter a new beast, I first practice evading him, I can get my timing right, and observe his “tells” and get his pattern of attacks down.
    Then I try to strike at different times, after Ive got evading down to an art :)
    OH, I used alot of armor seeds and might seeds and or armor skin and demon drink/whatever its called lol….
    and read all the posts here…super helpful!

  12. Bryan

    I am having a supreme amount of troubl on this demon.

    First off, I’m using the long word, “Wyvern Blade Fire” that I obtained playing online until HR 24. I have full Rathian armor, and am on my way toward full Lagiacrus, All I need is the Greaves.
    I am bouncing off again and again, and I manage to get it to flee twice each time, but as soon as I get in close enough to hit it, it charges two or three times in a row and takes me out.
    I tried playing online for about two weeks and get better weapons and armor, and some experience, and now I’m at the Agnaktor, which I can do no problem, but the one Barroth keeps felling me every time.

    Advice would be greatly appreciated.
    I may consider getting the Rhenoplos Armor, but I don’t know where to get Pelagicite Ore.
    Thanks, this will help.

    1. Krystian Majewski

      If your weapon is bouncing it means two things.

      1. You could be attacking him on the wrong spot. He has some very hard armor on the head. He is more vulnerable on his belly and on his tail. Try attacking him there.

      2. If you are still bouncing, your weapon might not be sharp enough. Use a whetstone to keep your sharpness at the maximum. If you still bounce, pick a different weapon with better sharpness.

      The charge attacks can be easily avoided by dodging away. Practice this and you will dramatically increase your chances of survival.

      You get Pelagicite Ore mining in the Flooded Forest. Try especially the mining spots underwater.

    2. Anihalator

      Bryan try using a hammer.If you still want to use a longsword, try going offline and beat the agnaktor to get the Dancing Flames. I killed it in 10-15 for the hammer try getting red bludgeon (rathalos head hammer) or the gun hammer (agnaktor).

  13. Connor

    Congratulations on bringing that annoying beast down! I got him on the first try in single player mode, but I already had gotten quite acquainted with his move set by then. Before I ever faced him in single player, I had fought him time and time again with my sister in arena mode. We fought him 5-7 times and had our butts kicked every time. But, we finally learned how to beat him so when I fought him alone it was no problem. I had Jaggi armor, a Bishop talisman (immunity to mud/snow effects), and the Plume Flint. While water is best against Barroth while he is covered in mud, he is weaker to fire once you knock it off. I relied more on mobility and raw damage to beat him.

  14. Adam

    Aweson tips, but I use the hammer so a majority of it is attack and dodge. It really helps when he goes to area 2 to hit him with a felvine bomb. This way hes attacking multiple people and gives ou a chance to attack him. Another suggestion I have is to plant youself underneath his belly, towards the hind legs and charge attack the hell out of him. Ofcourse thats if you use the hammer and charge beforehand

  15. anonymoys

    i tried to kill barroth 14 times with great sword (buster sword+) but i realised after the thirteenth time that i had the wrong armor. if you are playing offline, the best armor is the phenoplos armor because it has one of the hightest deffences at that time of the game and of course its mud/snow my opinion is the the hammer the weapon that fits to barroth correctly. nevertheless if you are playing with other weapon you should focus on its advantages and try to not be hit by its attacks.(i tell you from experience).today i will face him up again and i hope to not have 15 not forget to upgrade your armor and don’t give up.

  16. anonymoys

    i tried to kill barroth 14 times with great sword (buster sword+) but i realised after the thirteenth time that i had the wrong armor. if you are playing offline, the best armor is the phenoplos armor because it has one of the hightest deffences at that time of the game and of course its mud/snow my opinion is the hammer the weapon that fits to barroth correctly. nevertheless if you are playing with other weapons you should focus on its advantages and try to not be hit by its attacks.(i tell you from experience).today i will face him up again and i hope to not have 15 not forget to upgrade your armor and don’t give up.

  17. anonymoys

    i finally killed him.(phenoplos armor full upgrade with armor spheres and with buster sword +).your advises helped me.thanks

  18. Pabodie

    Barroth. Second only to Rathalos for me in toughness, it took about 10 attempts to finally bring down my first, with Bone Axe+. Then I farmed Barroth armor, which is, I think, the best lower rank armor for pure attack strength, and looks like a younger, fitter Sauron. That’s what I wanted to share. My experience farming Barroth armor was a lesson in MH3 fundamentals, and helped me realize that this game is really all about eating bitter to triumph. It is a beautiful thing.

  19. Kyle

    Honestly, you don’t need to have a water element weapon, as the barroth’s element changes throughout the fight. What you DO need is raw power.

  20. Kyle

    Also, I did this naked with the war hammer.

  21. Randomness

    i agree with kyle, you just need raw power, a hammer would probabli be the best weapon against this hard armoured fella.

  22. Wafi wifi

    If you fighting a barroth,for me use water type weapon,that is the royal ludroth weapon hammer and put fire attack on cha-cha,because getting fire weapon is very hard except if you know how to get flintstone from the peco,and put water attack on cha-cha and the most great armor set is the ludroth because barroth don’t have any element and focus on defence and barroth will throw mud and you need much more water resistance,for me,i’m using a hammer because it is easy to cut everything from the barroth,the tail,arm and head,

    Thank you

  23. Anihalator

    I used the ludroth bone blade plus and it took me 32 minutes. No auto guard, no armor.barroth is hard, but I still managed to kill it.

  24. Anihalator

    I used the ludroth bone blade plus and it took me 32 minutes on my first try. No auto guard, no armor.barroth is hard, but I still managed to kill it.You need blue sharpness to break its head. I did this with the plume flint(since its a hammer it doesn’t need high sharpness unless your fighting the uragaan “purple sharpness” and got a Barroth scalp.


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